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TopTechEDU was founded as the interest and excitement from the keynote that Bryan L. Miller continued to grow.  Top Tech “Toys” to Transform Your Classroom was the original presentation and keynote that has taken TopTechEDU across the world, visiting schools, conferences and government agencies.  This presentation is built around the importance of incorporating play into the school day for children, and how technology toys can enhance the learning experience.  Best practices in play, implementation strategies, and research guides the presentation into the TopTechToys section where we showcase 12 of our over 100 toys that have been evaluated through the years.  Many of these items are proven staples in the classroom, or so new to the market, they are being seen by the eyes of educators for the very first time.

Top Tech Tools to Transform Your Classroom is the newest keynote and session, where we discuss how high tech doesn’t mean scary, and how new tools can bring innovation to the classroom.  The same strict review process goes into reviewing tools that can be incorporated that include hardware, websites, apps, and resources.  This fast-paced keynote provides educators a lense into what is new, coming down the road and how the future of tools can provide an incredible learning experience for children.

TopTechEDU strives to provide educators with non-biased reviews, resources and information on toys and tools that can be utilized in the classroom.  We review hundreds of products a year and only feature the toys that meet our strict educational standards and review process, to ensure you can easily implement, afford and trust the products you are exposing to your students.

In addition to our reviews, we also publish two guides featuring our TopTechToys and TopTechTools during the beginning of the school year, and the middle of the school year. Our TopTechToy and TopTechTool award has their own special edition, being announced at the end of the school year.

TopTechEDU is highly active on social media, so be sure to follow us, watch our Facebook Live events, live unboxings, and webinars.  We are always sharing recent reviews, information on toys and tools, and giveaways that offer you the chance to win the toys and tools we review!

Bryan being interviewed by BeTerrific!! TV live at the New York Toy Fair, 2017.

Bryan presenting on a few of the #TopTechToys to a room of educators.

Bryan keynoting the Reinventing Education conference, in Bulgaria, to educators and the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.


Bryan L. Miller

Founder & CEO

Currently, with 15 years of experience in education, Bryan L. Miller’s roles as a teacher and administrator in private and public education, K-12 education, and higher education has provided him a full scope and understanding of the educational sector and has afforded him unique opportunities in the field.  Experiences in curriculum design, professional development, 1:1 implementation, and strategic planning allows him to seamlessly work with all schools, with all needs.

​As the Founder of #TopTechEDU, Bryan has been provided opportunities to travel across the world, work with government officials in education from other countries, and speak and keynote at conferences and schools on his favorite topics which include educational toys, tools and resources, virtual reality, student voice and choice, and many other topics built around emerging technologies in education. He is seen by the educational community as a thought leader and influencer who can bring transformative change and excitement to learning.  Bryan truly loves the experiences he receives when he meets educators and students throughout his travels, and even makes time to pop into a classroom to play on the floor with students.  His passion for being a teacher has remained with him always.

​Currently, Bryan is the Educator Community Manager, for Wonder Workshop, the creators of Dash and Dot robots.  His role at Wonder Workshop puts him in front of educators, school administration, and state leaders where he is provided opportunities to talk about the topics he is most passionate about; educational toys that promote computer science and STEM, and the importance of learning through play.  His dedication, knowledge and implementation in this area of education has made Bryan a go-to expert for educators.

Previously serving as Director of Educational Technology at Pine Crest School, in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Bryan worked to bring a fresh perspective on educational technology, through leadership, training, and professional development opportunities. He was instrumental in bringing iPads to Pine Crest, and developing and designing an authentic curriculum that truly integrates the devices. Bryan also transformed the Educational Technology Department, by adding additional educational technologists, creating a technology mentorship program, and expanding the offering of over 200 different professional development opportunities to the faculty throughout each school year.

As the school was building three new maker-spaces, Bryan was a part of the interview committee to attract and hire candidates for new positions, including maker-space coordinators, and computer science teachers. Bryan and a team of other talented educators created a state of the art computer science curriculum for the school. It is evident that Bryan’s true passion lies in educational technology, and finding unique ways to integrate technology into existing curriculum.

Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Bryan obtained his degree from Keystone College, in La Plume, Pennsylvania. During his time at Keystone, he was given the unique opportunity, at the young age of 20, to begin his career in educational technology, as Manager of Media Services and Learning Management System Administrator (Blackboard). This experience, which offered opportunities of managing a department, budget management, training, and developing Keystone’s first online bachelor degree program, jump-started his career in ed tech and has provided him insight and practice of leadership in higher educational institutions.

After his career at Keystone College, Bryan returned to the Bucks County area where he taught Kindergarten at Breezy Point Day School, where he once went to school as a child. This brought him to the classroom, which is where he truly loves to be, and those experiences are what helps guide him in his decision making today, as a student-centered, and faculty-supporting leader.

Following Breezy Point Day School, Bryan was a teacher in Pennsbury School District, where he taught at Afton Elementary School as the kindergarten through 5th grade computer teacher. At Afton, Bryan had the opportunity to transform the traditional computer class where you originally came and spent your class period typing, to developing a curriculum that truly integrated the classroom curriculum into his technology classes.

Outside of his busy daily career, Bryan loves visiting with other schools and making connections with other educators. He speaks and keynotes at conferences, works with schools throughout the world, is active on Twitter and other social media, and can often be found sitting at home, in his backyard by a lake in Florida, working on his many training resources and playing in his room of #TopTechToys.