Bring Us To You

Bring Us To You 2017-03-13T02:28:31+00:00

Are you ready for sessions like no other? Are you prepared for such a fun experience that your attendees will be talking about what they just saw days after they saw it? If so, then you must bring the TopTechEDU series to your school, event or conference.

Bring Us To You!


TopTechEDU has had the opportunity to work with schools and conferences across the globe.  These internationally recognized keynotes, sessions and workshops have been seen by thousands of educators all wanting to learn how to best integrate technology tools and toys into the everyday classroom.  We are excited and willing to travel to you, and help educate your attendees and teachers!


Being sure a topic that meets the needs of your message is the most important part of the presentation process to TopTechEDU.  We work hard to make sure we align with your message and needs by keeping you involved in our planning process, especially for our full day workshops.  

We recognize the important topics being addressed in education, which is why we are not only well educated in the topics and concepts, but are constantly staying up to date on the newest and the best in research and practice.

Curricular connections are needed to help educators understand how they can implement these concepts into their classrooms.  TopTechEDU always focuses on the importance of tangibility and play in learning, for all age groups.  Some of our most popular topics include the importance of creativity and play, coding and STEM in your schools, virtual and augmented reality, student voice, and leadership.

We are always adding new keynotes, workshops and sessions to our list, and happy to work with you to help you find a session that meets your needs.