Seal of Approval

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About the Seal of Approval

What Types of Products Do We Test?

We, at TopTechEDU are looking for products that inspire teachers to teach, and students to learn.  We are looking for products that have thought about the educational impact they are having in classroom.  We are looking for companies that want to change teaching and learning, and improve the learning process.  We are looking for products that have thought about educational content and resources to supplement their product.  If this is your product, we would love to not only evaluate, but share with our thousands of educational followers how YOU are making education better!

Typical products we test include:


  • Technology toys
  • Connected toys
  • Coding toys
  • Robots
  • Tangible toys
  • STEM toys


  • Apps
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Websites

If you don’t see your type of product listed, that’s okay!  We are always looking to test additional types of products.  Email us, share with us your question, and we will get right back to you!  You can also send us a direct message through our website by clicking the Chat With Us button at the bottom-right side of the page.

Evaluation Guidelines

Participants fill out questionnaires for each product they test, and evaluate each product on the following:

Submission Requirements & Process

All companies submitting will be responsible for a nominal product testing fee to cover the testing operating costs.  Companies will send 4 of each product to test, and all products become property of TopTechEDU after testing.  As remuneration for the educators participating, they are left with the product they have tested to continue implementing it in their classroom.  As educators, we don’t want to provide teachers with a product to test and then remove it if it has made a positive impact for their students. Products receiving the Seal of Approval will have 2 units at the main offices of TopTechEDU, and will be then included in all keynotes, workshops, and sessions put on by TopTechEDU.

Submission Process

1. Fill out submission form with payment
2. Send product to TopTechEDU
3. TopTechEDU will notify of arrival and let you know the timeline of testing
4. TopTechEDU will disburse product to educators and begin testing over the course of 6 week
5. After 6 week testing TopTechEDU will notify you with results

Awarding a Product

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